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CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator

Dates for the CITB Site Safety Plus: Temporary Works Co-Ordinator Course.

CITB Temporary Works Co-Ordinator Course

Including Manuals and Lunch

Date Venue
 No courses at present Seaham £180+VAT p/p
15-16 August 2018 Doncaster £360+VAT p/p
13-14 September 2018 Doncaster £360+VAT p/p
11-12 October 2018 Doncaster £360+VAT p/p
19-20 November 2018 Doncaster £360+VAT p/p
11-12 December 2018 Doncaster £360+VAT p/p
9-10 August 2018 Barnsley £360+VAT p/p
13-14 September 2018 Barnsley £360+VAT p/p
11-12 October 2018 Barnsley £360+VAT p/p
8-9 November 2018 Barnsley £360+VAT p/p
11-12 December 2018 Doncaster £360+VAT p/p
14-15 August 2018 London £360+VAT p/p
11-12 September 2018 London £360+VAT p/p
9-10 October 2018 London £360+VAT p/p
6-7 November 2018 London £360+VAT p/p
4-5 December 2018 London £360+VAT p/p
16-17 August 2018 Southampton £320+VAT p/p
12-13 September 2018 Southampton £320+VAT p/p
10-11 October 2018 Southampton £320+VAT p/p
21-22 November 2018 Southampton £320+VAT p/p
12-13 December 2018 Southampton £320+VAT p/p


Training Partners

In order to provide the widest range of safety training courses to our clients, we are supported by a number of well established training partners, who hold all necessary accreditations for courses that they deliver on our behalf.

The courses listed on this page are delivered by our training partners.

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